Coronavirus: Winnipeg College Division is engaged on a plan to permit college students to choose up locker contents – Winnipeg

Schools across Winnipeg will remain closed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic, but many are preparing to have kids pick up items from their lockers and take away anything they may need to study from home.

Radean Carter of the Winnipeg School Division compared planning a safe and efficient locker clearance to organizing a military operation.

“We have to keep that two meter gap, we have to make sure it’s on a schedule so we don’t have more than 10 people in the area at a time,” Carter said.

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“What the high schools do is make appointments.”


Coronavirus – Manitoba schools will remain closed indefinitely for the school year

Carter said parents need to be aware that students should not be sent to school if they do not receive a message expressly telling them when their children can pick up their belongings.

“I really, really have to emphasize this for the parents … A, you will not be admitted to school because it is closed to the public, and B, your child’s things from the locker are probably not yet ready for it to be picked up”, said Carter.

Carter said educational assistants and school support staff will pack all items in students’ lockers and prepare them for safe pickup so students don’t even have to get inside.

“They’ll clear out the lockers, wrap up the materials and tag them by their locker, and then leave them near the front door so they can pick them up if someone shows up and proves who they are bags of merchandise,” Carter said.

If schools start teaching again before the end of June, Carter says the kids won’t take anything home for the spring – textbooks, sportswear, and so on – that they can’t just bring with them in a few months.

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Students, parents and teachers get used to the abrupt end of the school year

Students, parents and teachers get used to the abrupt end of the school year – April 1, 2020

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