“Folks actually pull collectively”: Winnipeg girl ponders kindness amid the horror of 9/11 – Winnipeg

A Winnipeg woman who was one block from the World Trade Center on September 11 ponders the kindness she experienced amid the tragedy of that day.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, Vera Chernecki and her husband were drinking coffee in their daughter’s apartment.

Meanwhile, her daughter was working on the 70th floor of the north tower.

That’s when they noticed the television screen.

“At first we thought it was a trailer for a movie,” says Chernecki.

“Then we realized it was their building … and we were very hectic at that point trying to count down from the top to see which floor the plane had hit.”

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“It was a very, very exhausting time. My husband and I didn’t really think she would get out alive. We tried to make a phone call; there was no answer. “

At that point the building shuddered and the power went out briefly when the second plane hit the south tower.

Vera Chernecki and her Winnipeg husband were one block from the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11, 2001.

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Forty-five excruciating minutes later, her daughter and a colleague showed up on the doorstep after walking 70 steps “soaked to the skin” from the sprinkler system.

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They grabbed their backpacks, their passports and ran to safety.

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“I can not explain. I guess what it’s like in a war zone, it was just people running and screaming, ”says Chernecki.

They were evacuated to various locations before heading out of town to a town where their daughter’s company had set them up with a hotel room.

“Your company uses this hotel all the time, and they had people cobbled together to give us a few rooms so we could be there,” says Chernecki.

“The people were so nice there. My daughter went to a massage therapist the next day because her legs were so sore from the 70 flights and the woman didn’t even calculate them … the people were so wonderful. “

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There was also the stranger who offered them a ride to the subway station, the military who accompanied them back to their apartment to get their things, and the many others who just wanted to listen.

“Even when we went out to eat, people would ask where we were from, and when they found out our daughter was in this building, they were always so kind and understanding,” says Chernecki.

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“People really pull together when there’s a tragedy like this.”

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