Go inexperienced and open Portage and Major: Winnipeg structure agency makes New Yr’s resolutions

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, many people buy a gym membership or a ticket to the dream vacation, but an architecture firm has even higher goals in mind.

HTFC Planning and Design has a plan to design the city of Winnipeg to encourage a sense of community.

“This year we have looked around and thought about the coming year and how we can continue to help the citizens of Winnipeg and help them enjoy and appreciate their city,” said Monica Giesbrecht, partner at HTFC.

“We also wanted to think about how our office could help make this happen and we came up with 10 things that we would like to work towards over the next year.”

One of the firm’s New Year’s resolutions is to activate the city’s love of winter. For 2017, Giesbrecht plans to open up opportunities for winter tourism and bring back the winter carnival that took place in the legislature in the 1920s.

“To be a winter city means to accept and love the cold,” said Giesbrecht.

“I think that means finding places for people and making them comfortable. So microclimate [changes, like] Activating rooms with amenities that help you to be outside briefly and then inside again. “

Other resolutions include going green, using design to inspire people, spending time outdoors, and reaching out to the community to share more public art.

Open Portage and Main

The biggest goal for the new year is the opening of Portage and Main, said Giesbrecht.

“We’ve put a lot of thought into how important this is as a signal for civil life in Winnipeg and also for tourists who come to Winnipeg to really find out that Portage and Main is not that place that is uninhabited … really Portage and Main “is the heart of this part of town,” she said.

However, Giesbrecht said her biggest wish for Winnipeg in 2017 had already come true.

“My greatest wish is that people at different levels and in different parts of the city see that we are a great city,” she said.

To read more about the resolutions, visit the HTFC website.

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