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Glover makes a race out of it

Subject: Manitoba Politics Towards a Historic Turn as Barriers Break (Aug 26)

I am specifically not a supporter of the provincial Progressive Conservative Party. From that perspective alone, I’d be delighted to have Heather Stefanson as the only competitor in the party’s upcoming race for leadership and as the party’s candidate for prime ministerial in the 2023 provincial elections. History and baggage would have made their defeat easy. Stefanson will forever be linked to the numerous and grave missteps of Brian Pallister’s administration.

Shelly Glover may be carrying some baggage because she is MP in the Stephen Harper federal government, but her position as a potential leader for Manitoba won’t require apologies for the outgoing prime minister.

I am emphatically a supporter of democracy and our province. From that perspective, I’m very relieved that Glover is going to run. Solid, competitive competition at both the party and provincial levels will best serve Manitoba and our citizens.

Lynn Silver, Winnipeg

As a longtime Conservative, I was happy to see Shelly Glover throw her hat in the ring to become the next chairman of the Manitoba Progressive Conservative Party. Her work as a policewoman and MP should give her the knowledge she needs to make sensible decisions for all Manitobans.

Cal Paul, Winnipeg

Throughout her career, Shelly Glover has shown herself to be a person who gets angry, blames someone for something, and then gives up.

She says she was motivated by anger when she entered the race to lead the Progressive Conservatives and said, “I don’t like to whine. I like repairs. I will not complain without looking for a solution. ”However, she did not offer solutions when she blamed the government for the nursing home staff shortages without crediting them with hiring more than 300 new workers across the province, including themselves, through the new five-day micro-qualification program at Red River College. Then she quit her job.

She also offered no solutions when she abruptly quit her job with the Winnipeg Police Service, accusing it of being a “toxic job” or when she preferred to retire over an upcoming Liberal campaign in the 2015 election.

Do we want another prime minister with a big stick and an equally big posture, or do we want to go into the future with new solutions to today’s problems?

Randy Clinch, Winnipeg

Kudos to Shelly Glover for throwing her hat in the ring with Heather Stefanson. The Tory race for party leadership in Manitoba just got a lot more interesting. Glover has participated in the PRIDE rally in Winnipeg for many years and is one of my heroes. Good luck, Shelly.

Rich North, Winnipeg

Admission of Afghan refugees

Subject: When Afghan refugees arrive in Canada, we warmly welcome them (August 20)

I wasn’t invited to an Afghan party like Melissa Martin was for her story, but years ago I was honored to work in a factory with an Afghan refugee and former school teacher whose father and brother were shot before his eyes by the Taliban. His lovely wife sent him special dessert treats.

Like the Hungarian, African and Vietnamese refugees, the Afghans work hard and shape Canada. You could be future prime ministers.

Ron Welker, Fort Frances, Ontario.

Stop waiting for masks

Subject: Health Order Fight Leakages As School Shows Up (Aug 26)

It has been a little over three weeks since the province lifted the mask mandate, to the chagrin of many of us. So it doesn’t surprise me that a spike in COVID-19 cases has been reported this week.

The province announced on Monday that it would reintroduce the mask policy at some point in the future. What are you waiting for? School is starting soon and we need to protect these children under the age of 11.

Judy Worthington, Winnipeg

Trudeau molested in Winnipeg

Subject: COVID, Trudeau Economic Recovery Spotlight in Grocery Store (August 20)

I visited the Liberals’ campaign freeze at a Winnipeg grocery store last week. An anti-Vax contingent dictated heightened security detail, and with the tactical police units nearby, this created a surreal atmosphere with the Prime Minister of Canada going through a back door.

Right-wing extremists have declared this a victory for their cause. I beg Conservative leader Erin O’Toole and his supporters to stand up and state in no uncertain terms that this type of harassment has no place in our political system. By keeping silent, they support these extremists.

John T. Tierney, Winnipeg

Tam appears to be gagged

Re: The fourth wave of COVID-19 is here. Where’s Theresa Tam? (August 25th)

I remember when Justin Trudeau accused Stephen Harper of gagging officials in the 2015 election. When Trudeau was elected, he went into a government building and was wildly cheered by officials.

Fast forward to 2021, and for the first time since the pandemic began in March 2020, neither Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam nor her deputy are informing the Canadian public of the huge surge in COVID-19 cases across the country. The fourth wave has begun, and nothing but silence from Health Canada.

My question: did Justin Trudeau instruct Theresa Tam to stop the daily public updates?

A large majority of Canadians are upset that Trudeau called these unnecessary elections during the fourth wave. Is Trudeau trying to cover up the worsening news about the fourth wave in his desperate attempt to stay in power?

Where are the supposed “impartial” officials who have publicly complained about being silenced by Harper but are now silent as the chief of health appears gagged during the fourth wave?

David Meunier, Winnipeg

We are currently in the fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and Health Canada reports will not provide daily updates as using the excuse updates would inappropriately affect the federal election.

The Prime Minister decided to call elections during the fourth wave. If Health Canada news generates negative publicity, the Federal Liberal Party is solely responsible for the situation.

There is no compelling reason, other than partisan interests, to withhold health information from Canadians during the federal election.

Jeff Gunn, Winnipeg

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ATVs can spread zebra mussels

Subject: Invasive zebra mussels emerge in Lake Manitoba (August 17)

I was horrified to read the article about the discovery of zebra mussels in the narrows of Lake Manitoba. I know they are trying to stop the spread by checking and cleaning watercraft, but there is one area that I think has been grossly neglected.

Ever since we’ve had a cottage in Delta on the south shore of Lake Manitoba, we’ve seen an increase in the number of ATVs cruising the coastline, ripping open the sandbars created by the low water levels. They move into the water and cause a lot of damage to the natural habitat.

Wouldn’t it be possible for them to carry the zebra mussels in their walking areas and to distribute them to other areas? Is anyone looking at this?

Donalda Johnson, Winnipeg

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