Liberal authorities would allocate thousands and thousands to assist “burdened” Lake Winnipeg – Winnipeg

Liberal MPs standing for re-election in their Winnipeg election say a Liberal government will raise funds significantly to protect Manitoba’s freshwater resources, including the Lake Winnipeg Basin.

Terry Duguid, the Liberal candidate for Winnipeg South, was at The Forks Thursday morning to make the announcement.

He said a re-elected Liberal government would focus on four key projects:

  • Creation of a Canadian water agency next year to deal with droughts and floods exacerbated by climate change
  • Modernize Canada’s Water Act
  • To provide $ 1 billion over the next decade to protect and restore large lakes and river systems
  • Supported the research of the International Institute for Sustainable Development in the Experimental Lakes Area with 37.5 million US dollars over six years.

These are commitments that Duguid identified as “good news for a lake that is one of the most stressed lakes in North America and the world.”

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Provincial Feds Work Together to Improve the Quality of Lake Winnipeg

The $ 1 billion funding would represent an increase of $ 100 million per year from the previous commitment of $ 70 million over five years for the Great Lakes and Winnipeg Basin.

Duguid said more details on the amount specifically allocated for the Lake Winnipeg Basin would come in the next budget, but annually it would be four or five times more than in previous years.

Duguid also said a Liberal government would support the second and third phases of modernization of the North End sewage treatment plant in Winnipeg – in addition to the first, which has already allocated more than $ 116 million – to reduce the amount of phosphorus that enters the sea and contributes to poisonous algae bloom.

“We pushed phase 1 forward. We are committed to moving forward with phase 2 and phase 3, ”he said.

“We just have to make it because Lake Winnipeg can’t wait.”

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The news comes a day after the Liberal Party unveiled its electoral platform for 2021 and support for the party is waning behind the Conservatives after recent polls.

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On Wednesday, the Conservative Party said that if chosen, a Conservative government would support upgrading the North End Sewage Treatment Plant and the Lake Manitoba and Lake St. Martin Outlet Channels Project to minimize the risk of flooding and the communities around the Protect lakes, although the party did not specify how much it would commit.

“These projects will ensure that Manitoba has the modern infrastructure it needs to keep people and goods moving and meet the needs of growing communities,” Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole said in a press release.

But under conservative leadership, Duguid said, O’Toole would only maintain the status quo when it comes to Canada’s freshwater program.

“In my opinion, this is really a step backwards, one that does not move with the times and does not do justice to the extent of our challenge with freshwater,” he said.

“Ask a farmer. Ask the people in Murden who have no water and they will tell you there is a water crisis in this country and we need to address it. “

In the meantime, the NDP has outlined a number of environmental commitments in its election platform, including protecting 30 percent of freshwater, land and oceans by 2030, as well as implementing a national freshwater strategy and reducing emissions from fishing and shipping.

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Provincial Feds Work Together to Improve the Quality of Lake Winnipeg

Provincial Feds Work Together to Improve Lake Winnipeg Quality – Aug 12, 2021

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