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Among the many industries hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Manitoba live music scene is struggling mightily, with shows being canceled for months, capacity restrictions and more.

However, a local musician watching concerts faces trouble from the sidelines but has found a way to put money in the venues’ pockets, celebrate Manitoba’s musical community while marrying two of his greatest interests.

Steve Nelson, an integral part of Winnipeg’s punk scene for decades (High Five Drive, Clipwing, In2Months), spends his time offstage running the Regent Avenue Beer Boutique and came up with the idea of ​​a special beer to support local venues.

“Being in the music scene for a while – that was something I’ve missed over the past few years,” said Nelson.

“I was lucky enough to have this great job at the Beer Boutique where I work with local brands and I saw a real parallel between the two.

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“The family I had on the Winnipeg music scene and the family I have had on the Winnipeg beer scene lately … there are so many things that are so similar.”

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Coronavirus – Community banding together to save Winnipeg’s Park Theater

A sample label from ‘Remember When.’.


Nelson teamed up with the local Fort Garry Brewery to create Remember When, a European-style pilsner that owns Winnipeg’s Park Theater, West End Cultural Center, Times Change (d) High & Lonesome Club, and Good Will Social Club supports.

“I just saw the venues fighting and all, I thought, ‘There has to be something that can be done – there has to be a way to help them, even if this pandemic continues and they may not be able to to open their doors. ‘“

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Scott Shupeniuk, general manager of Fort Garry, said the concept was a natural fit for his brewery.

“The local brewers across Manitoba have always supported the community. COVID has been harsh for many different industries and the music scene has been harder hit than some others, “Shupeniuk said.

“It just made sense to take part in this fun, really cool initiative.”

Shupeniuk said the plan is for a portion of the sale of each can of Remember When – which will be available in venues, beer stores and liquor marts across the province after its release in late September – directly to the four venues.

“The exciting thing about this project is that we don’t yet know how big it can really get, and depending on how the market accepts the initiative, we could extend it, and what we’re really happy about is that it may turn into a seasonal deal will be publication. “

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Free beer for medical staff

Free beer for medical staff – 12/11/2020

The can’s label shows a shot by local concert photographer Joey Senft of the Winnipeg hardcore legends Comeback Kid performing at the Park Theater, but Nelson said the focus of the picture isn’t necessarily the band themselves, but the audience.

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“Really, it was all about the crowd – the people who were there in that moment and were experiencing it. That just ties in with “Remember when we could have these fun times” … and hopefully we can have them again soon, “he said.

As for the nostalgic concept, Nelson is hoping the beer will arrive so that it can potentially expand beyond the music scene.

“We can all remember good times we had, whether directly related to the music scene or maybe just at events in Winnipeg.

“There’s a lot of history here in Manitoba – a lot of cool things that have happened over the years. With a lot more people sitting at home, maybe it is time to think about how great our city and our province are. “

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