Winnipeg Executives Need Zipper Merge

WINNIPEG – A couple of councilors are trying to persuade Winnipeg’s Public Works Department to put up signs telling motorists to zip in.

St. James City Councilor Scott Gillingham says signs encouraging drivers to use the merge method should be a permanent part of the city’s road plan for the summer of 2022. The Chairman of the Public Works Committee and St. Boniface City Councilor Matt Allard agrees, although the change may require provincial approval. Allard, a longtime tech advocate, says if the province fails to get the proposal approved in time, he would be happy to pilot zips instead.

In order to zip through when approaching a lane closure, every second motorist takes the open lane, which gives those in the closed lane space to maneuver into this lane like zipper teeth. Those who support the method say it helps avoid constellations and frustration. Winnipeg tried zipping together a few years ago, but in this pilot, few motorists followed the directions properly.

The motion now has to pass through the city’s infrastructure committee, the executive committee, and ultimately the entire city council as a whole over the next few months.

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