Winnipeg’s Nygard faces new expenses

WINNIPEG – Peter Nygard consented to be extradited to the United States this morning on allegations of trafficking in human beings. Now the Toronto Police Service says the former Winnipeg fashion designer is facing charges in Canada of assault and imprisonment over decades of his own investigation.

Nygard, 80, appeared at the Headingley Correctional Center’s extradition hearing early Friday morning in response to nine sex trafficking and extortion charges. New York prosecutors allege Nygard, with the help of business contacts and other accomplices, conspired to commit a long series of crimes against dozens of victims in Canada, the United States, and the Bahamas since 1995.

Nygard is believed to have used his influence in the fashion world to target young vulnerable girls, forcing them to exploit, rape and sell them, promising them careers in modeling and then using threats to silence them. He has denied guilt on all charges.

While Nygard appeared in the Winnipeg court and agreed to extradition to the US, Toronto police announced they were preparing to arrest the ex-mogul on various charges: six cases of sexual assault and three cases of violent detention, which supposedly took place between 1987 and 2006.

Nygard has been in Headingley Prison, Manitoba, since his arrest in Winnipeg on the US arrest warrant in December.

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