Winnipeg’s tree problem is to take root within the floor

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Winnipeg’s Million Tree Challenge, a partnership between the City and Trees Winnipeg, has officially started.

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Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman introduced the Million Tree Challenge (MTC) in 2019. The program calls on residents, nonprofits, schools, communities and private companies to collectively plant a million trees on private and public land until Winnipeg’s population reaches one million. in the coming decades.

“Trees purify our air. They protect our riverside and beautify our city, ”said Bowman during the MTC’s opening presentation on Wednesday. “There are hundreds more human benefits that trees provide. And then of course climate change. One of the best ways to combat climate change, experts in the field keep telling us, is to simply plant more trees. “

According to Trees Winnipeg, the MTC is going beyond the city’s current planting program to replace trees that have been lost to insects, disease and environmental factors. Trees, they explained, reduce heating and cooling costs, add value to real estate, improve health and quality of life, and offer greener recreational areas. Local residents are particularly encouraged to plant native tree species.

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Gerry Engel, President of Trees Winnipeg, said the diversity of tree species, planting the right trees in the right place and caring for newly planted trees are key factors in the success of the MTC. He said diversity is a must when it comes to resisting disease and insect infestation.

“The cost of fighting Dutch Dutch elm disease in our city over the past 50 years is a great example of the cost of monoculture,” he said. “The advantages of biodiversity are now clearly understood. We won’t make the same mistakes we made in the past. Our new website can help homeowners make the right choice for each planting site. “

Almost 10,000 trees have already been planted and counted for the MTC. Trees are available in the garden centers in the area. Winnipeggers are advised to visit Trees Winnipeg online to register their tree planted. Donations for the tree planting are also possible. Residents can also volunteer at Trees Winnipeg to support the MTC.

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